Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Annoucement 21-7-2011

Dear all, the second batch restock is finally here!
Before I update new items, there some rules that I would like to add on.
 Start from now on 21-7-2011 ALL reservation is Only available for 2-3days.
 if within 3days payment haven't be made and no reply /respond from you ,
I will cancel your order and your name will be enter to 
Dear, I hope you all understand my situation, 
there's alot more customers is waiting for the stocks,
if you would like to cancel your order just let me know, I won't bite :)
 Please, be punctual. if you would like to extend your reservation 
can just let me know within 3 days.
dear all, thanks for your time :)
Happy shopping!

MSN / E-mail :
HP number :
012-7285766 (SMS Only)

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