Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monami 24pcs Fiber Colorful Pen

Monami 24pcs Fiber Colorful Pen
Authentic from Korea
-benefit of Fiber Pen-
* flexible pressure (when u press harder it will become bolder)
*0.30mm super smooth surface
*not too watery and not too dry
*color is much more nicer and sharper than normal color pen
 *came with a packaging box, easy to carry around.
*Ideal for assignment , drawing and diary doodle
*Please take note* this is not magic color which can easily be found at outside market.
 this Monami 24pcs Fiber Colorful Pen quality is totally different with what we normally use.

Size: 16.5cm
color : came with 24 different colors in a box (the color is super awesome)
Price : RM 38 
*ONLY 10 boxes available NOW*
Grab yours now! 
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  1. May i know that do you still have the stock of this?